Uniforms are available to purchase from the uniform shop Mondays 8.30-9.15am or by appointment.


  • Uniform Guideline


    At Weld Square Primary School, we believe the school uniform for students plays an important role in promoting a positive image and creating a sense of identity among students. We ask all of our community to support the school’s dress code.


    This guideline has been developed with P&C and School Council consultation.



    Dress Code- Weld Square Primary School



    ·         Navy polo shirt with school logo

    ·         Navy pants/ shorts/ skort

    ·         Navy zip jacket/jumper with school logo

    ·         Year 6 Leavers shirt or kindy shirt

    ·         Check dress


    ·         Footwear appropriate for play/ sport is required eg: sneakers  or closed-in sandals


    ·         Broad brim navy reversible hat with/without logo

    ·         As we are an endorsed “Sun Smart” school, hats are required to be worn all year


    ·         Recommended where culturally appropriate

    ·         Navy or white


    ·         Hair shoulder length or longer to be tied back for safety and health reasons (all genders)


    ·         Only sleepers or studs are to be worn in pierced ears.

    ·         Wristwatch

    ·         Medic Alert Bracelets

    ·         Smartwatch- to be submitted to front office under Off and Away Policy


    No make-up, nail polish or fake nails permitted



    Parents who wish to request exemption from the school dress code for religious, health or other related reasons may do so in writing to the Principal.



Uniform Order 2023



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