Student Services

The Student Services Team


Coordinator – Mrs Maria van der Linden


Coordinates the Learning Support Team, other staff and personnel as required. Parents will be involved at all stages of the process where support is required for their individual child. In order to assist children to realise their full potential a number of support services are used. These include:



School Psychologist

A fully accredited psychologist is available to support children. You may refer your child to the psychologist in consultation with your child’s teacher. The Student’s Service Coordinator will facilitate this process.



Learning Support Coordinator (LSC) – Mrs Maria van der Linden

This involves supporting classroom teachers to implement inclusive classroom strategies. The LSC is able to support staff and to develop and implement effective teaching strategies for students requiring teaching and learning adjustments. The LSC is also responsible for making application for extra support for students with special needs.



Chaplain – Debbie Slack

The chaplain’s role will be as follows:

  • Provision of pastoral care to students, staff and parents.
  • Provision of individual support for students with family and domestic relationship issues, behavioural problems, mental health problems and bereavement.
  • Assist in responding to critical incidences.
  • Assist with the programs of students at educational risk.
  • Provision of personal and leadership skill programs.

Parents and students can request individual interviews via the school office.



Dental Therapy Clinic

This is located in the grounds of Hampton Park Primary School in Hamersley Avenue, Morley. Children are screened on a rotational basis and appointment cards are issued through the school. Parents are responsible for transporting children to and from the clinic. The phone number is 9275 1648.



School Nurse

The school has access to a school nurse from the Swan Health Service. The following screening program is carried out:

  • Kindergarten (with follow up in Pre Primary) – health appraisal (vision, hearing and other health issues on request.
  • Year 1:  A health appraisal if not done previously is offered.
  • Year 6:  Vision screening.


If there are any concerns arising from the screening parents will be contacted by the school nurse. The nurse is also available to discuss any health concerns that parents may have.


Referrals from teachers and parents who may wish their child to be seen are also dealt with on a needs basis.


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