Voluntary Help

There are a variety of ways in which you can assist in the education process. As a general rule you are reminded that one of the very best ways to support your child at school is to be seen by your child assisting in the day to day workings of the school. A bonus of this, of course, is that the whole process of schooling is made so much clearer to those parents who come up and help and you build relationships with teachers and staff. Some areas in which you can help are as follows:



Classroom Assistance


There are a number of areas in which you can assist in the classroom. This could be listening to children read and exchanging reading books, hands on activities in mathematics, writing activities, class computing activities and many more. You will receive details of the assistance required from your child’s class teacher at the beginning of the year.



Parent Rosters


Having extra adults in the classroom allows for greater verbal interaction with students and closer supervision of activities. Your child will enjoy the special attention and it will give you an insight into the learning that occurs in the classroom. If you would like to be involved in your child’s learning then you are encouraged to consult with the teacher and put your name down on the parent roster.


If you are able to come into the classroom but have not been able to find a carer for a younger child, we welcome you both into the classroom. However, the younger children may find the routines and structure of the classroom to be inhibiting and they may become disruptive. Parents, younger children are your responsibility while they are in the classroom. In the educational interest of all the children please remove them if they are having difficulties coping with the rules and limits of the classroom.



Requirements for Volunteering/Helping in all classrooms


Please Note: Family members (eg Grandparents) other than the child’s legal guardian will need a current Working With Children Check (WWCC) card if volunteering in the classroom.




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