River Ranger Cadets and School Camps


Since 2014, we have run a successful River Ranger Cadet unit. The River Ranger Cadet unit is a primary school cadet program run in partnership with the Department of Local Government and Communities. It seeks to engage and educate the next generation of children to help protect our river park and surrounding environment. Specifically, the project seeks to reinforce the importance of protecting the Swan Canning River park among primary school students and helps cadets gain a positive and practical understanding of the local environment. The program allows students to actively investigate local issues and design, evaluate and share the results of their projects with other schools and the wider community. The program consists of some in school programs (projects and incursions) and out of school activities including excursions and camps.



In-Term Swimming


These will be held at the Bayswater Waves over a period of two weeks for children from Pre Primary to Year 6. Parents will be required to pay the cost of bus and pool entry. Lessons are provided at no cost by the Department of Education.The cost is approximately $70.00 per student.





All students in Pre Primary to Year 6 learn Music with a specialist teacher.  Identified children in Year 5 & 6 are selected for specialist instrumental instruction at John Forrest Secondary College.





In term three every year children participate in a specialist Dance program.  This culminates in a community Arts Exhibition and Performance Evening.



LOTE (Mandarin) Classes


All children in Pre Primary to Year 6 learn Mandarin as a second language. These classes are conducted by a specialist teacher.



Physical Education


A comprehensive Physical Education program is offered at our school. The students play a variety of interschool sports as well as athletics and cross-country. If a child is unable to participate due to illness, please inform the teacher by note.



Library Borrowing


Children will be borrowing books from the school library on a weekly basis. Children will need a LIBRARY BAG to carry books in.



Primary Extension & Challenge Program (PEAC)


Students identified through a group test, administered to all Year 4 students in second term, and are offered special courses in Year 5-6 run by teachers from the North Metropolitan Education Office at centres around the region.


Once selected, it is expected that a child will attend all PEAC lessons.


In the event of illness, parents are responsible for informing the PEAC teacher.


Parents are responsible for transporting their children to and from the courses and students are released from the school timetable to attend these classes. These children are expected to find out the work missed during this time and catch up when required. Arrangements should be reached with class teachers to ensure this does occur.


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