Programs Available at Weld Square PS

Chinese (Mandarin)

Children from Years 1-6 have the opportunity to take classes in Mandarin, learning the language and culture of this vibrant culture. Much of their work is celebrated in the annual LOTE assembly.


Physical Education

Weld Square Primary School offers a specialist Physical Education Program to engage all children in fundamental movement skills. The program is supplemented with interschool carnivals and events as well as specialist clinics related to seasonal sports.



The school has a specialist science room to develop skills and understandings in science. After-school activities for budding scientists are provided through SciTech as well as links to local high school programs for selected students.


The Arts

A specialist Music teacher works with the children at Weld Square Primary School to provide a rich and stimulating Music program. Our school choir has sung in Public events, including the Massed Choir Festival and Christmas Carols on the Green. Children also participate in Edu-Dance and Visual Arts programs which culminate in the highly anticipated and celebrated Arts Festival Evening to showcase student achievement in this area.  


River Rangers

River Rangers is an extra-curricular Cadets program offered to senior students at the school which promotes environmental and science education. Cadet students participate in a variety of activities, projects and excursions which focus on issues affecting our local water systems and bushlands.


PEAC Centre

Our school hosts the local PEAC centre on our site. Students from all over the north metropolitan area attend courses specially designed to challenge and extend their thinking.