Annual Reports

The Department of Education's School Improvement and Accountability policy requires that schools publish annually a School Report that describes the school’s performance.

The School Report is intended to give parents and other members of the community a clear sense of how students in the school are progressing and what is being done to maximise student achievement.

The School Report should be succinct and written with a clear sense of communicating with the local community. 
It must include:

  • Contextulalised information about student achievement
  • Progress on identified priorities
  • School Budget
  • Highlights of the school year

The Australian Government requirements with particular reference to schools with primary-aged students are as follows:

  • Professional Engagement
  • Staff Attendance
  • Staff Retention
  • Teacher qualifications
  • Key Student Outcomes
  • Student Attendance Rates
  • Benchmark Results for students in Years 3 & 5
  • Value Added
  • Parent, Student and Teacher Satisfaction

2019 Annual Report